Employee Questionnaire Template

An employee questionnaire template is used to create an employee questionnaire. It gives a basic guideline of the questions that need to be completed by employees. The template can be customized to be specific. Shown below is a sample employee questionnaire template that can be used to create an employee questionnaire.

Sample Employee Questionnaire Template

Answer the following questions using the following key:

* Strongly disagree

* Disagree

* Agree

* Strongly disagree

Employees in this organization are recognized fairly ___________

Evaluation of employee’s performance in this organization is carried out fairly _________________

Employees’ personal milestones are recognized in this organization ________________

Methods used for evaluating employees’ hard work are effective ___________________

Compensation awarded to employees is fair and competitive according to industry standards ____________________________

This organization contributes a sufficient amount for healthcare costs of employees’ ________________________________

This organization addresses life problems that get in the way of employees performance ___________________________________

Employees are assisted in coping with workplace stress __________________________

You have a positive relationship with your boss ________________________________

You have a positive relationship with your co-workers _________________________

You are motivated to do your best when working for this organization ___________

What do you like about your boss?


What about your boss would you change?


Have you ever been harassed by your boss? _______________________

Do you engage in any recreational activities? ______________________

Do your personal objectives match with those of the organization? ______________

How are your working conditions? _____________________________

Are you planning to pursue any professional advancement? _________________

Do your job tasks conform to your designated position? __________________

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