Employee Profile Questionnaire

An employee profile questionnaire is an effective tool by which an organisation gathers information about the size, structure and demographics of the workforce at the workplace. The questionnaire usually rules out any freelance or contract workers and is only filled by full-time employees.

Sample Employee Profile Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Employee code:

Department: _______

Designation: ______

Phone Number: ________________

1)   At present how many employees do you have on the payroll at this office? ___________

2)   How many male and female employees do you have in each category?

a)   Managers and other senior posts                Male          Female

b)   Administrative employees         Male          Female

c)   Consultants                             Male          Female

d)   Researchers                           Male          Female

e)   Programmers                          Male          Female

f)    Sales and customer care                  Male          Female

g)   Trainees                                 Male          Female

3)   How many senior officials work full time? _________

4)   How many ‘other employees’ work full time, that is, 30 hours or more per week? ____________

5)   Out of the total number of employees, are there any non-US citizens? If yes, how many? __________

6)   How many employees are paid

a)   Less than $100 per week

b)   $100-$500 per week

c)   $500-1000 per week

d)   $1000-$3000 per week

e)   Over $3000 per week

7)   How many employees here work on a temporary or fixed term contract? _______

8)   Please specify the number of employees who are members of a trade union or staff association. __________

9)   What were the reasons for employees leaving this organisation?

a)   Left voluntarily, resigned

b)   Were dismissed by the management due to non-performance

c)   Retired, or other reason

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