Employee Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

Within any organization the employees are one of the most important assets. An employee job satisfaction questionnaire can help an organization know whether employees are satisfied with their jobs. An employee job satisfaction questionnaire will highlight what needs to be done to ensure that employees are happy at work. It will also determine how the organization can go about improving conditions for employees. The views of employees are very important and so an organization needs to get their viewpoints in an effective way. Without an employee job satisfaction questionnaire it would be difficult to know these views.

Sample Employee Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

Please fill out the following details concerning your job satisfaction.

How long have you been doing your job?

Less than one year: __________ 1- 3years: _________ 3- 5 years: _________

5- 9 years: __________ more than 10 years: __________

Do you enjoy your job?

Use this key to rate your answers

  1. Excellent, 2- good, 3- average, 4- poor, 5- very poor

How do you rate the working conditions at your job?  ____________

How do you rate your employers? ____________

How do you rate the salary you receive? ____________

Describe how you would want management to improve your job satisfaction? ____________

Do you feel that you are able to communicate any work related issues with management? ____________

Are there fair opportunities to progress within the organization? ____________

What recommendations would you make to your employers about your job? ____________

What would you rate the job incentives in your organization? ____________

Any other comments ____________

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