Employee Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

An employee job satisfaction questionnaire is applied in workplaces to evaluate the satisfaction of employees in their various job capacities. Organizations use employee job satisfaction questionnaires to gauge the effectiveness of various policies and programs being implemented and therefore identify strong areas the need to be upheld as well as the weak areas that need strengthening intervention. From the responses that various employees give, the management of an organization will identify what needs to be changed with respect to employee welfare and this will effectively boost their performance and hence improve the organization’s output and reputation. Below is a sample questionnaire.

Job position _________________ Department______________ Reporting to _______

Please answer the following questions as openly possible since the answers will be crucial in improving the image and welfare of the organization.

1. What is your level of satisfaction…….

With the job position you are in_________________

With reference to your leaders in the workplace_______________ Can they be rated as your role models? __________________ If your answer is no, why? (Briefly explain)


2. Does your supervisor keep you updated with what is happening in the organization and what you are supposed to do day to day?

3. Please give your views on participation in teamwork activities within the organization


_____________________________ Are you satisfied with the current trend? _______

4. How do you rate the people you work with? (Tick the choice(s) you feel are appropriate)

Very supportive________________

Only work together when told to ____________

Are very individualistic __________________

5. Do you feel you are being rewarded for your efforts at work? ___________ If your answer is no, why? Explain _______________________________________________


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