Employee Job Evaluation Questionnaire

An employee job evaluation questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which is aimed at evaluation the job performance of an employee. Such questionnaires can either be handed over to employee or to their superiors so as to come to a conclusion about the overall performance of the workplace.  These questionnaires help companies make needed changes to improve performance of the employees. A sample of an employee job evaluation questionnaire is provided below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Employee Job Evaluation Questionnaire:

Name of employee: _______________________

Phone Number: ________________

Email id: _____________________________

Job position of employee: ______________

Name of respondent: ______________________

Position in company: _____________________

Kindly fill in the answers to all the questions to evaluate the employee:

  1. Since when the employee is working under your supervision?


a)      0-6 months

b)      12 months

c)      1-2 years

d)     More than 2 years


  1. Has the employee showcased initiative when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities?


a)      Yes

b)      no


  1. How often does the employee report late at work?


a)      once a month

b)      5 times a month

c)      10 times a month

d)     More than 10 times


  1. Has the employee successfully fulfilled all the projects or duties given to him?


a)      On most of the occasions

b)      A few times

c)      Never


  1. Does the employee handle pressure situations and deadlines well?


a)      Yes, excellently

b)      No, not very well


  1. State 5 of the most admirable qualities and skills of the employee?



  1. What would you say about the honesty and integrity of the employee?


a)      Very honest

b)      Adequately honest

c)      Dishonest


  1. Does the employee showcase respect, obedience and team working skills?


a)      Yes

b)      No


  1. How satisfied are you with the overall performance of the employee?


a)      Very satisfied

b)      Not very satisfied

c)      Not at all satisfied

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