Employee Health Policy Questionnaire

An employee health policy questionnaire has to be answered by employees to find out if they have any disease that is contagious or can be transferrable to others. The questionnaire also helps to know about the overall health and fitness of the employees, which can be used for employee health insurance policy and for routine health check-ups.

Sample Employee Health Policy Questionnaire:

Name of employee: _______________________

Employee Code: ________

Department: ________

Designation: ________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

1)   Do you think employers have a moral responsibility to provide health insurance to its employees?

a)   Yes

b)   No

2)   Do you think it should be made legal for employers to have health policies for employees or the responsibility rest with the individuals? ___________

3)   Health policy costs are high because employers do not offer health insurance.

a)   Yes

b)   No

4)   Do you think the government is doing enough to make health policies affordable to low-wage workers? ________

5)   Employers should also take the responsibility of offering health policies to the employees’ dependent members of the family.

a)   Agree

b)   Disagree

6)   Do you think employees should contribute towards the cost of premiums? If yes, what should be the ideal ratio of contribution between employer and employee? ________

7)   Why do you think the employer does not offer health policies?

a)   Premium costs are high

b)   Most employees are part-time or under contract

c)   The company can get employees without insurance

d)   It creates more paperwork for the admin department

8)   Did your company offer health policies and discontinue? If yes, give reasons why? _____

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