Employee Evaluation Questionnaire

Employees are expected to add value to their respective organizations through their hard work and commitment to their jobs. In order to determine the performance of employees, an employee evaluation questionnaire can be issued to management staff so as to rate the employees in terms of their competence and dedication.

Sample Employee Evaluation Questionnaire

How would you describe the working relationship that you have with this individual?

  1. Limited interaction
  2. Sufficient interaction
  3. Constant interaction

Please rate the individual’s performance

  1. Employee fails to meet the requirements of the job
  2. Employee meets the minimum requirements of the job
  3. Employee meets all the requirements of the job
  4. Employee goes beyond the requirements of the job
  5. Employee is outstanding in the fulfillment of job requirements

Answer Yes or No for the questions below

From your estimation, does the individual understand the mission of the organization? _____

Does the individual easily adjust to the changing demands of the job? ___

Is the individual able to effectively communicate? ___

Does the individual demonstrate leadership skills? ___

Is the individual creative and willing to share ideas? __

Does the individual meet set deadlines on a regular basis? ___

Does the individual show potential to increase their skills in the future? __

How knowledgeable is the individual in terms of the job that is assigned to him?

Very knowledgeable

Slightly knowledgeable

Hardly knowledgeable

Insufficiently knowledgeable

Please provide an overall evaluation and assessment of the individual’s performance






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