Employee Assessment Questionnaire

An employee assessment questionnaire is used by a company to judge the performance of the employee at a workplace. Some of these questionnaires are answered by the employees themselves and some are answered by their supervisors. Either way, it helps the authorities know how the employees are contributing towards the organisation.

Sample Employee Assessment Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Employee code: ________

Department: _______

Designation: ________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

1)   How long have you been working in this department?

a)   Less than one year

b)   One to three years

c)   Over three years

2)   Are you happy with the role you have to play or would like a change in job responsibilities? ___________

3)   When was the last time you got a promotion?

a)   Never

b)   Last year

c)   Three years ago

4)   Are you team member or prefer working alone? _________

5)   Mention three work achievements that you are proud of. __________

6)   Do feel there are any areas that you need to work on? Please specify. __________

7)   Was there any project where you directly contributed and which had a positive impact on the company? Please give details. __________

8)   Do you think you have achieved the expectations the company has from you?

a)   Yes

b)   No

9)   On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your problem solving abilities? ______

10)               How good are your time management skills?

a)   Very good

b)   Good

c)   Satisfactory

d)   Bad

11)               If you have a difference of opinion with your team leader or your boss, how do you handle the situation? ____________

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