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Education quality questionnaire is a questionnaire which is used in order to assess the quality of education at a particular institute. The quality of education can be assessed on various parameters like type of teachers, educational material, services provided and others. These types of questionnaires are distributed by the institutes to the students, their parents and other concerned individuals so as to get their feedback. The results of the questionnaires help to make the needed changes so that overall quality of the education can be improved.

Sample Education Quality Questionnaire:

Name:                                   _________________

Address:                                _________________

Contact Number:                _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Age:                                      _________________

Qualification:                     _________________

Q1. Are you satisfied with the quality of education you are getting in our institute?

A)   Yes, I am fully satisfied

B)    No, I am not at all satisfied

Q2. Does the institute provide a safe and secure environment?

A)   Yes

B)    No

C)    To Some extent

Q3. Does the institute stimulate the environment of learning through its pictures, charts and other such materials?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q4. Are there proper basic facilities like drinking water, toilets and others present in the institute?

A)   Yes

B)    No

C)    Only few of them are available


Q5. How important is the quality of education according to you in current scenario?

A)   Very important

B)    Important

C)    Not so important

D)    Can’t say

Q6. Do you think that teachers in the institute are cooperative and can be approached anytime if any student has any problem?

A)   Yes

B)    No


Q7. What according to you is the best aspect of this institute which makes it better than the others?


Q8. Please tell us if you want to see any changes in the education system of our institute.

Answer_____________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________

Q9. Which area of education system according to you needs maximum change?

A)    Management of institute

B)    Content of program

C)    Quality of teaching

D)    Quality of teachers

E)     If any other, then please specify



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