Customer Value Questionnaire

A customer value questionnaire is used by companies to find out what they need to do to retain customers. It helps to study the dynamics of customer loyalty and what makes one stick to one company or move to another. These responses aid the companies to know how to get more customers, retain old ones and increase market share by creating customer value.

Sample Customer Value Questionnaire:

Name of customer: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Age: __________

Gender: ___________

Marital status: _________

1)   Please state your employment status.

a)   Employed full-time

b)   Employed part-time

c)   Unemployed

d)   Student

e)   Others

2)   What is your occupation?

3)   What is your annual household income?

a)   Less than $20000

b)   $20000-50000

c)   $50000-$80000

d)   Over $80000

4)   What are your educational qualifications?

a)   High school

b)   Undergraduate

c)   Graduate

d)   Post-graduate

5)   How often do you visit our store in a month?

a)   Less than once

b)   Once

c)   Twice

d)   More than twice

6)   How much do you spend on our products per trip?

a)   Less than $20

b)   $20-40

c)   Above $40

7)   Why do you like our store?

8)   Name a few things that you don’t like about our store.

9)   How would you rate our customer care executives?

a)   Excellent

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Bad

e)   Very bad

10)               Have you ever tried home delivery of our products? If yes, how did you find the experience?

11)               Please give suggestions on what we can do to improve this place and also make things easier for you.

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