Customer Survey Questionnaire

A customer survey questionnaire is a very important tool used by an organization looking to improve its image. Customers are the best people to inform an organization on the shortcomings that they experience. They are able to provide the necessary feedback that a business needs to improve on. A customer survey questionnaire should have questions that allow open ended answers that are not biased. For a customer survey questionnaire to be effective it needs to be constructed in a way that attracts those answering and should keep them interested. It should also not be too lengthy. Below is a good example of one.

Sample Customer Survey Questionnaire

Please fill in the following questions as honestly as you can so that the information obtained from the questionnaire is as accurate as possible.

Wallis electronics is a retailer which supplies customers with electronic goods.

Have you purchased any goods from Wallis electronics in the past year?


Have you had to return anything to the store after purchasing?


Which of the following reasons best identify the reason for returning the purchased item?

Defective good: ________]

Malfunctioned product: _______

Swap for another good: _____________

Replacement of product: _______________

Other (specify): _____________

How would you rate the customer service of the business?

5- excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- poor, 1- very poor

How would you rate the way in which you are served?

5- outstanding, 4- fine, 3- typical, 2- poor, 1 average

What do you think of customer friendliness?


Are you satisfied with the service?


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