Customer Risk Assessment Questionnaire

A customer risk assessment questionnaire is used by a company to assess and analyse a customer’s exposure to risk and by reading those responses the firm can give sound advice to help the customer make better choices. The term risk assessment usually refers to financial risks taken by a client related to an investment plan or project.

Sample Customer Risk Assessment Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of Birth: _________

1)   Please answer whether you understand the scope of the project.

a)   The scope is well-defined

b)   Somewhat defined, but there may be changes

c)   Poorly defined and most likely to change

2)   Please give your views on the business requirements of the project.

a)   Understood and clear

b)   Not very clear

c)   Very vague and undefined

3)   What is the deadline for the project?

4)   Are the project deadlines or operational milestones flexible or fixed?

5)   Does the project funding match the estimated costs of the project?

a)   Funding is greater than expected

b)   Funding is just adequate

c)   Funding is less than estimated

6)   Is the project manager sufficiently trained for this project? What kind of experience does he have?

7)   Describe the impact of this project on business procedure, process or any organisational change.

8)   Are the contractors committed towards the project?

9)   Has the project got the necessary clearance from the governing body and follows the rules of the state?

10)               Is there any problem in using technology in the project?

11)               Are the performance objectives well defined?

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