Customer Relationship Survey Questionnaire

Customer relationship is one of the most important tools in modern business world to maintain a long term profitability and sustainability. The better customer relationship you have, the more chances are there for you to get success in all areas of business. Competition is rising with each passing day; therefore it has become very difficult for businesses to cop up with the prevailing market conditions.

If you have good relationship with your customers then you have better chance of making profits for long time. All businesses keep this concept in mind and try to maintain good customer relationship. Organizations use customer relationship survey questionnaire to determine the needs and opinions of the customers about the products and services of them.

Sample Customer Relationship Survey Questionnaire:

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                               _________________

Phone number:                   _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Gender:                                _________________

Age:                                       _________________

Marital status:                     _________________

Education:                          _________________

Q1. Describe the overall relationship between you and us.

A)    Poor

B)    Very poor

C)    Good

D)    Excellent

Q2. Please rate the effect of customer service on reputation of an organization.

A)    Little

B)    A little

C)    A lot

D)    Not too much

Q3. How important is the use of internet in establishing good customer relationship?

A)   Very important

B)    Important

C)    Not so important

D)   Can’t say

Q4. How would you rate the customer relationship between you and the organization (Us)?

A)    Not so good

B)    Excellent

C)    Average

D)    Worst ever

Q5. How would you rate the customer satisfaction with our organization?

A)    Excellent

B)    Good

C)    Average

D)    Worst ever

Q6. How would you define your experience with organization over the years? Please explain in details.

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q7. How do you find the quality of service and products of our organization in comparison to the other competitors in market? Please explain in detail

Answer ___________________________________________________________________

Q8. Please give any suggestion or comment to improve our service quality. What else can we offer you to strengthen our relationship?

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

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