Customer Questionnaire

Customer questionnaires are an important way of knowing about a product/service directly from the customers.  It is an effective way to gather information which can then be utilized to improve or make changes in your product/service.  If designed well, these questionnaires can help to improve customer-satisfaction as well as customer base.

Before you start designing a customer questionnaire outline your goals.  What is the purpose of this survey? How can it help the company? It is best to give a small introduction at the beginning about the company and why you are seeking the information.

While designing a customer questionnaire, it is important to stick to relevant questions.  Include demographic questions as these can be relevant in data analysis at the end of the survey.

Questions can be dichotomous, have multiple-choice answers, or be open-ended.  Keep them simple and do not combine two questions.  The questions must mean the same thing to any person taking the survey, so avoid ambiguity.

The importance of these questionnaires cannot be undermined so, it is best to test it on a sample target audience before conducting a full-fledged survey.

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