Customer Questionnaire Questions

Questions or queries that appear on a customer’s questionnaire are referred to as customer questionnaire questions.

Customer questionnaire questions if answered well could help you to determine how good your services are and if the customers were satisfied with what you had to offer.

These customer questionnaire questions not only show the good aspects of a place, but also the unsatisfactory aspects. It also can tell you where your service were lacking and therefore failed to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

In this way you are able to better your services to have a large, loyal and content customer body.

Sample Customer Questionnaire Questions

How would you rate the services offered to you?

  • Superior
  • Acceptable
  • Medium
  • Horrid

Please give a reason for your choice of answer.
Would you recommend this organization to your friends and those that are close to you?
(If answer is no, please explain why) ________________________
Would you come back for our services again? If Yes how soon?
Did we meet your expectations?
What was your first impression of the organization?
What would you like to see changed or done in a different way?(Please feel free to offer some suggestions on how you would like the changes to be carried out)
Rate this organization on the basis of customer service

  • Top notch
  • Superb
  • Fair
  • Mediocre

Taking into mind customer relations, how would you rate this organization?

  • Brilliant
  • Not bad
  • Reasonable
  • Incompetent

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