Customer Questionnaire Form

customer questionnaire form is a document with inquiries, serving the purpose of letting you know what a customer’s sentiments are with regard to the goods and services you have to offer. The consumers of the goods and services fill in the customer questionnaire form expressing their feelings. Although different people may have different responses to the same things offered to them, there is sure to be something that is consistent in the customer questionnaire form. This is very important, because they could determine how successful your company will be. It could also determine if your company fails.

Sample Customer Questionnaire Form

Did this organization meet your expectations?

(If no, please explain why) _____________________________
What was the first impression you had when you came in? Include details
Taking into account our customer service, rate this company.

  • Outstanding
  • Great
  • Decent
  • Average
  • Wanting

Taking into account our customer relations, rate this company.

  • Splendid
  • Good enough
  • Fair
  • Dreadful

Describe your overall experience with our company/ organization.

  • Fantastic
  • Satisfactory
  • Intermediate
  • Deplorable

Would you recommend our services and products to other people?
(If no, please explain why)
Have you been satisfied with our products/ services?
(If no, please explain why) _________________________
Would you recommend that we retain our customer service as it is?
Was our customer care staff pleasant to you?
Did customer care satisfactorily solve your problems?

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  1. sedirwa herman pitseng says:

    i’m a NCV college student from orbit college in brits.the information on your web site is really helpfull.

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