Customer Loyalty Questionnaire

A customer loyalty questionnaire is prepared to receive a proper feedback from any customer. From this questionnaire, it would be possible to determine whether the customer is likely to avail the services from the same company in future, whether he or she would recommend the said company to someone or not.

The result of this questionnaire can also be amalgamated into other customer satisfaction research programs and various other surveys. This questionnaire acts as a method of communicating with the customer to know the various requirements and preferences. A sample questionnaire has been given below.

Sample Customer Loyalty Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions:

1)   Did the product purchased from XYZ Company satisfy you? _______

2)   If the product purchased by you, required home delivery, then was it delivered fast?


3)   Have you received proper ‘after sale service’ from XYZ Company? _______________

4)   Would you like to purchase goods and services from this company again?


5)   Does this company have an extensive stock that can cater to the needs of a customer?


6)   Would you recommend products of this company to your friends and relatives?__________

7)   According to you, what products should the company stock in so that the requirement of the customer is fulfilled?


8)   Does the staffs of this company helpful? __________

9)   Did you receive a proper demonstration on the product that you bought by the concerned professional?


10)               According to you, what are the best products of this company?


11)               How long have you been the customer of this company? ___________

12)               After receiving your recommendation, have any of your friends or relatives become a customer of this company?


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