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Customer feedback is important as to determine the popularity of product among people. It is helpful in making any change in current business line of business if required. Customer feedback shows a clear picture of how the business is doing in market. For this purpose customer feedback survey questionnaire is prepared by companies and is spread across the customers through Emails or physical survey. Management of companies can get a clear picture about their products’ popularity in market through customer feedback survey.

Sample Customer Feedback Survey Questionnaire:

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                                _________________

Working Phone number:    _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Q1. How long have you been using our products?

A)    Less than 6 months

B)    6 months to 2 years

C)    More than two years

D)    Not a regular customer

Q2. Are you satisfied with our products and services?

A)    Highly satisfied

B)    Satisfied

C)    Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

D)    Highly dissatisfied

Q3. Did we meet your expectations in terms of quality of products and services?

A)   Yes

B)    No (Please specify the reason)  ___________________________

Q4. Did you find our products and services as value for money?

A)   Yes

B)    No (Please specify the reason)  ___________________________

Q5. Please tell us in detail about the area of service or product in which you would like to see improvements.

Answer.___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Q6.  What do you think about the pricing of our products?

A)   Very expensive

B)    Expensive

C)    Value for money

D)    Very cheap

Q7. How would you rate our response in terms of time taken to resolve your query?

A)   Excellent

B)    Good

C)    Neither good nor bad

D)    Very bad

Q8. How would you rate the accuracy and honesty of our company in terms of information provided to you?

A)    Excellent

B)    Good

C)    Neither good nor bad

D)    Very bad

Q9. Please write in detail if you have any comment/ compliment/ suggestion about our product and service quality.



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