Customer Engagement Questionnaire

Customer engagement has become one of the vital parts of today’s business world due to increase in competition. If your customers are happy and satisfied with your products and services then it means that you are doing well in terms of financials. In other words if you are making profits continuously over the period of last few years, it suggests that your customers are happy and satisfied with your service.

Customer engagement becomes important because of these reasons. To keep customers engaged, businesses use many techniques. One such technique is customer engagement questionnaire which can be sent to customers through mail or physical survey.

Sample Customer Engagement Questionnaire:

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                                _________________

Working Phone number:    _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Age                                       _________________

Q1. Please tell us briefly, how satisfied are you with our products and services?

Answer. ___________________________________________________

Q2. How likely do you purchase our products?

Answer. ___________________________________________________

Q3. How likely do you recommend our products and services to your friends and relatives?

A) Very likely

B) Sometimes

C) Very few times

D) I do not recommend

Q5. Do you have trust on our products?

A) Yes

B) No

Q6. Do we always deliver you what you expect from us in terms of quality of products?

A) Yes

B) No (Please tell us the reason)  _________________

Q7. How do we treat you when any problem arises in the product that you have purchased? Please tell us in detail.

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q8. Please tell us in detail if you want us to implement any change in our products or way of doing business.

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q9. Where do we lack from our competitors? Please tell us in detail if you find that we are lagging behind from other competitors.


Q10. Please write if you have any comment/ compliment/ suggestion about our products and services.


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