Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire


A Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire is one that helps organizations to measure the personality aspects of their staff. This questionnaire is mostly used in organizations that have customer service staff and call center staff. The questionnaire helps to conduct a general profiling of the employees and probes into their personal strengths and weaknesses that will help in their career path.

Sample Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire

Name of the employee :

Designation of the employee :

Department of the employee :

Contact number of the employee :

Email address of the employee :

1. Can you throw some light on your reasoning capabilities?

a) Very good

b) Satisfactory

c) Average

d) Poor

2. How is your emotional stability? Please specify according to the parameters given below?

a) Very good

b) Satisfactory

c) Average

d) Poor

3. Can you identify yourself with some of the personality traits parameters specified below?

a) Lively and social

b) Easily offended or sensitive

c) Creative and imaginative

d) Easily frightened and socially reserved

4. Are you easily adaptable to change both personally and professionally according to the parameters given below?

a) Easily adaptable

b) Somewhat adaptable

c) Adaptable in some situations

d) Resilient to change

5. Do you have a different behavior at office and at home?

a) Same behavior

b) Sometimes same and sometimes different behavior

c) Mostly different in both places

d) Vastly different in both places

6. Under what category of person would you place yourself into from the below category of persons?

a) Tolerant person

b) Disciplined person

c) Empathetic person

d) Arrogant person

7. What personality trait of yours do you think is the biggest asset in your professional advancement?

a) Leadership quality

b) Excellent communication skills at all levels

c) Innovative decision making capability

d) Ability to handle any situation in a composed manner including problem solving

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