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Creating a free questionnaire is not an easy task. This is because unless you are designing it with a specific person in mind, chances are that you will have a hard time defining the intended respondents and therefore formulating questions that will aid the researcher in collecting relevant data. Often free questionnaires are designed to give researchers an idea of what the overall questionnaire should look like. As such, for it to be of any beneficial use to him or her, the researcher will need to fine tune the different questions to match his or her research sample and research criteria.

Below is a sample:

Generic Questionnaire for use by Players in the XYZ Industry

(Download and insert the name of your company, then resend to your intended respondents)

Name (You can leave this blank)



Q1) What products from our company do you use most?

Cooking oil___________________________

Cooking fat___________________________

Bar soaps_____________________________

Liquid detergents ______________________

Q3).  How do you rate our product packaging?

Very appealing _______________



Q4. Are our prices competitive? __________

If not, what other products within the same segment sell at lower prices?


Q5. How do you compare the quality of our products with others within the same market segment?

Superior quality_________________________

Average quality__________________________

Inferior quality__________________________

Q6.  Have you seen our sales representatives and our products promoters within your locality in the last four weeks? ___________

Q7. What is your suggestion regarding our products, prices and packaging?


Q8. Are our products available in your most convenient shop?

If not, what is state the name of the shop and its location?


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