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Online surveys are tools which help you design your survey and host it on the internet to the group of people who you want to participate in the questionnaire. Free online surveys are websites which will host your survey questionnaire for free. ProProfs Survey Maker is one such website which offers a range of freebies such as questionnaire templates, survey articles and survey tips and tricks.

Benefits of using ProProfs Survey Maker

For a business or an enterprise, an online survey can mean many things. Here is why you should use ProProfs Survey Software to create free online survey, for your business:

1. The survey helps track visitor demographics. In other words it helps track who is visiting your website, the gender and age of the visitor. With this information you can make innovations and improvise your product based on which segment of people is using your product most.

2. With this survey maker in hand you can expect support for multiple question types. They include MCQs, Essay, fill in the blanks, multiple answer models and so on.

2. Using these questionnaires you can capture information on people’s interest. This helps you make future plans for your business.  You can gather instant feedback on the services your business offers and make necessary changes to reap benefits.

3. The easy to use templates make the survey easy to understand and take. Thus you gather accurate information which you can store online for your future references.

4. The ProProfs Survey maker software is very user friendly. It takes a fraction of the time as compared to conventional survey techniques and therefore cost effective too. They are easy to analyze and easy to change.

5. The reports that you receive are available as simple one page report or come with advanced filters wherein you can alter the report display by toggling the survey parameters.

6. The survey can be downloaded on any mobile internet device and is compatible with all devices and operating systems (OS).

7. It is available in over 50 languages making it ideal for multinationals as well.

Now that you have enough reasons, go ahead and create your free online survey with ProProfs Survey Maker.

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