Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ)

The craft personality questionnaire (CPQ) was designed to focus on eight personality traits considered critical in the job performance in individuals. The scores of an individual on the eight personality traits are translated into a selling style report, a coaching report for the manager and a compatibility chart that indicates the hours that a person needs to be supervised in key identified areas. The data obtained from CPQs is mainly used by trainers, managers and employees for team building, training and employee development. The questions in the CPQ gauge the interviewees on detail-orientation, social confidence, social drive, goal-orientation, need to nurture, control need, need to impress and skepticism.  Below is a sample:

Name: ________________________________________

Position: ________________________________________

1. How important is making social connections and receiving recognition for work well done to you? (Check one)

a. Very important

b. Fairly important

c. Necessary but not absolutely necessary

2. Rate your level of assertiveness and social confidence on a scale of 1 to 5 where one is barely assertive/ confident and 10 the very assertive/confident. __________

3. Do you know the goals of this organization clearly? ___________

If so do you know the amount of time needed to achieve them? ___________

4. How nurturing of fellow workmates do you think you are? (Check one)

a. Very nurturing

b. Fairly nurturing

c. Not nurturing

5. Do you rely more on intuition or analysis when making decisions? __________

6. How can you define your level of trust in others? ______________

7. Do you genuinely care about what other people perceive or say about your performance at work? ________________

8. Would you rather have a person controlling your work environment or would you prefer a more independent workplace? ______________

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