Content Writing Questionnaire

Content writing questionnaire is basically designed to assess a person’s knowledge about various aspects of content writing. A person framing the content writing questionnaire must be clear about various factors involved in content writing and should be efficient in framing questions. Here are a few things that a person must keep in mind while framing a content writing questionnaire.

  • Understanding the requirement

Before starting to write the questionnaire it is essential to understand the client’s requirement. It is only when you understand the requirement and the kind of audience you need to target would you be able to frame the questionnaire appropriately.

  • Planning

It is essential to plan as to which all questions should be included before writing the questionnaire as this way you would not miss out on any important question.

  • Framing the questions

It is essential to frame the questions appropriately in order to get the required output from the person answering the questions. In order to understand as to how skilled the person is in content writing it is important to frame the questions very tactfully.

  • Sequence

It is always recommended to use a proper sequence while framing a questionnaire. The sequence to be followed is asking the questions related to personal details in the beginning. Then move on to some simple close ended questions. Then to multiple choice questions and then may be to certain open ended questions.

  • Keep it short

It is recommended not to include too many questions in the questionnaire. The questions should be designed in such a way that you are able to get the maximum amount of information by asking just a few questions.

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