Conduct Human Resource Audit Questionnaire

A conduct human resource audit questionnaire is a written document which is used as a set of questions for those who are in the conduct human resource audit department of a company. These questionnaires consist of a set of questions which are aimed at evaluating the efficiency of the HR department of the company and knowing where the faults lie, so as to improve the existing system for better productivity. The questions can be either subjective or objective in nature.

Sample Conduct Human Resource Audit Questionnaire:

Name of candidate: ________________

Age of candidate: __________________

Gender of candidate: _______________

Contact number: _________________

Residential address: ____________________ zip code: _______________

State: ______________ country: __________________

Email address: ________________

Name of company: _________________

Working at job position: ______________________

Please answer the following questions about the HR department of you company.

Q1. What are the best qualities about the HR department that you work for?


Q2. Are you providing training to new employees in this department?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. What are the weaknesses of the entire system which leads to problems or difficulties for employees?


Q4. Are you aware of the laws that must be followed while working on any project related to HR?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. What are the steps that have you taken to develop the HR planning for your company?


Q6. Name a few of your projects which went against the company’s organisational policies?


Q7. How many of your total employees work for the HR department?


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