Competency Questionnaire

Competency questionnaire is set of questions which are designed to analyze an individual’s competency in a particular field. This is usually done to assess the competency and productivity of employees in an organization. Based on this evaluation they may be given favorable job offers, promotions or may be even recommended for trainings.

Competency Questionnaire Sample

Employee Name: ___________________________________________________________

Group:                       ___________________________________________________________

Based on your experience write the number against the following questions corresponding to

1- If the employee needs improvement

2 – If he meets expectations

3 -If he exceeds expectations

4 -If he is outstanding

  1. Does the employee welcome challenging assignments?
  2. Does he/she express his feelings properly?
  3. Is he/she in control of her emotions and can understand the effect of her contribution to his/her team?
  4. Is he/she aware about his strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Is the employee able to manage negative emotions and feelings? Is he/she found complaining about his job to others?
  6. Does he/she admit his mistakes and faults?
  7. Is he/she punctual about his/her assignment, attendance and deadlines?
  8. Is he/she cooperative with his/her colleagues and views them positively?
  9. Is he/she accommodative when it comes to new ideas and proposals even if it opposes his/her own.
  10. Is the employee capable of grasping others’ perspective easily?
  11. Can he/she be called a good and attentive listener?
  12. How would you appreciate his learning skills? Is he/she a fast learner?
  13. Does he/she have a tendency to learn new technologies and methods that will improve his career and work?
  14. Does he/she share a cordial relationship with team mates and manager?

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