Compatible Lifestyle Questionnaire

A compatible lifestyle questionnaire can be very useful to developing relationship not only among partners but also among friends, colleagues, and relatives. The factors of compatibility are tested through this questionnaire.

Sample Compatible Lifestyle Questionnaire:

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Address:                    _____________________________

Working Phone Number:       _____________________________

Email id:                    _____________________________

Q1: Do you like being around people like you?

a)   Yes always

b)   Not always

c)   Never

Q2: Do you often join your friends on parties and discs and being close to people?

a)   Very rarely

b)   Sometimes

c)   Most often

Q3: Are you in a relationship?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Not sure

Q4: How committed are you to your religion?

a)   Not much

b)   Very much

c)   Moderately

Q5: Do you maintain distance from people other than your partner?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6: Which type of lifestyle would you like to live or is currently living?

a)   Rich

b)   Upper middle

c)   Lower middle

d)   Bare requirements

Q7: How often do you make time for your friends, family, and colleagues?

a)   At least once in a week

b)   Once in a fortnight

c)   Once in a month

d)   A few times in a year

e)   Very rarely

Q8: Do you like to meet people of different personalities?

a)   Once in a while

b)   Whenever I feel like

c)   Most often

Q9: What is your idea of a long term relationship?


Q10: Do you think lifestyles of two people should be similar for them to be compatible

a)   Yes always

b)   Not necessary

c)   It becomes useful to have similar lifestyles

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