Compatibility Questionnaire

Compatibility questionnaires are those questionnaires which are specifically designed to test or judge the compatibility between two partners or parties. Such a questionnaire contains questions which help one to know how compatible he or she is to his or her partner.

Compatibility can be tested between two or more parties. But generally compatibility is tested between two friends or a married couple. Both the partners answer a set of questions and based on the answers, a compatibility result is given out.

Such questionnaires attract many couples and are really interesting to answer. Sometimes, they are also named as Love compatibility surveys. But there has to be a right pattern which must be followed on order to create a good compatibility questionnaire.

The following points can be helpful for framing a compatibility questionnaire:

  • The name and gender of the person filling in the questionnaire should be asked for in the very beginning.
  • Then the series of questions which are related to the partner’s liking must be asked.
  • Such questionnaires are generally subjective as each has a different choice of answer but a few of the questions can also be objective.

Objective type questions must be attached with the necessary answers and should be numbered for convenience sake.

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