Company Satisfaction Questionnaire

Company satisfaction questionnaire is an instrument used for gauging the satisfaction level of the employees regarding their company. This is an effective way through which the voids of an organization could be identified by the authority and initiative could be taken in order to motivate the employees.

Sample Company Satisfaction Questionnaire

Employee’s name: ________________

Present Job Position: ______________________

Contact Details: ______________________

We would request you to give your valuable inputs:

  • Are you satisfied with the facility that is being provided to you by the company?
  1. Yes, I am highly satisfied
  2. May be I don’t care much
  3. No not at all.
  • Are you satisfied with the company’s HR policies? If partially or dissatisfied state what changes you anticipate in the company’s policy?


  • Do you support long term welfare policies of the company or short term? Justify your answer with proper reasons?


  • Are you satisfied with the response you receive from administration at the time of need?
  1. Yes, I am highly satisfied as the administration response promptly
  2. Depends
  3. No the administration is not at all responsive
  4. Yes it is satisfactory
  5. Salary is all-right but not provided with adequate benefits
  6. No not satisfactory, need a hike immediately
  • Are you satisfied with the salary level and benefits that is being provided to you according to your job position and years of experience?
  • Being an employee, what are the overall changes you would like to have in your company?


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