Commodity Market Questionnaire

A commodity market questionnaire is a set of questions which can be used by an entity which is planning to launch a new investment option. The questions help collect information about the preferences of the investors in the commodity market (regarding the types of derivatives), or the time preferences, the amount of funds available and the risk related issues etc. The questionnaire is aimed at potential investors and an analysis of the answers will give all required info about the status of the investors in the commodity market.

Sample Commodity Market Questionnaire






Email- Address:

Please answer the following questions:

1. Have you invested in commodities before?

a. Yes,

b. No.

2. How often do you operate in the commodities market?

3. Do you function on your own or through a broker?

a. On own,

b. Through a broker,

c. Both.

4. What is the minimum amount of money you have or would like to invest?


5. What is the highest amount that you would be interested in investing?


6. Kindly mention the general derivative types that you invest in or will prefer investing in.


7. Kindly choose what is the time preference of investment you’d like to make:

a. Long -term

b. Short –term

c. Others please specify.

8. Kindly select how would you rate yourself in reference to the degree of risk that you will be willing to take on a good returns option:

a. Risk Neutral

b. Risk Aversive

c. Risk loving

d. Other, please specify.

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