Commercial Interior Design Questionnaire

A commercial interior design questionnaire helps one to know that what kind of look one wants for the interior of a commercial establishment. The interior decoration is extremely important to attract customers to the store, keep them engaged and thereby boost sales. By answering these questions, the interior designer will know what the client is looking to portray in his store.

Sample Commercial Interior Design Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email Address: _______________

Address of commercial establishment: ____________

Official phone number: _________

1)   What is your approximate budget for the interior decoration project?

2)   What look do you have in your mind for this store?

a)   Classy

b)   Cosy

c)   Earthy

d)   Sleek

e)   Others

3)   What do you plan to use the area for? __________

4)   Do you want any structural changes, such as breaking any wall or adding them? _______

5)   Do you require the permission of the building owner or any rules body to make changes in the structure of the room? __________

6)   Are you happy with the existing windows, doors and their frames? _________

7)   Do want me to change the flooring? If yes, what do you want?

a)   Tiles

b)   Marble

c)   Carpet

d)   Granite

8)   Are you ok with adding pictures, paintings on the walls? __________

9)   Do you have any personal preferences that you would like us to keep in mind when we make the design? ___________

10)               How big do you want the storage area and display area to be?

11)               What seating arrangements are you looking for in the room? __________

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