College Research Questionnaire

A college research questionnaire is a document which contains a series of questions addressing the research project and directed at the researcher, usually a student. Such a college research questionnaire can be of many kinds. A student may use such a questionnaire to gather data from people, institutions and so on. A team of professors or panelists may use a questionnaire to seek in-depth knowledge about the student’s research project. Hence, depending on the nature of the college research questionnaire, the questions will differ.

Sample College Research Questionnaire:

Name of research project: _______________________________

Research project completed by: ___________________________

Research project completed under the supervision of: __________________________

Q1. What are the basic concepts upon which you have built your research project?


Q2. What have you aimed at with this research project? Do you think you have been successful in creating awareness about the chosen issue?


Q3. What are your fund sources for this research project?

  • ____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

Q4. In what way do you think you have benefitted from your research project? How can you implement this knowledge at your college and surroundings?


Q5. What were your chief resources for this research project?

  • Public and private libraries and collections
  • Institutions and government sources
  • Archives and online databases
  • Any other: _____________________________________

Q6. What are the key aspects of your research project? How have you tackled each of them?


Q7. Are there any other comments you would like to add to this document about your research project?


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