College Questionnaire

College Questionnaire  is a questionnaire which is to be filled up by a student along with his application form for admission into a college. The questionnaire helps the management and teachers of the college in understanding the general student preferences and requirements and provides them with data to make any changes in their functioning, curriculum, etc



College Questionnaire Sample

Name of student:                                        Course applied for:
Year of joining:                                   Qualifying Examination:


  1. What course-type do you think is best for the degree you have chosen:

a) Day-Scholar

b) Residential

c) Evening
d) Weekend

  1. What kind of fee-structure would suit you best:
    a) Yearly

b) Half-Yearly

c) Quarterly

d) One Payment

  1. From which stream would you expect the faculty that would teach you:
    a) Academy

b) Industry


d) Abroad

  1. What kind of examinations would assess your learning the best:

a) Annual

b) Semester

c) Credits-wise

d) Thesis, Seminar & Presentation

  1. What kind of placement-assistance do you expect from the college:

a) Campus Interviews

b) Internships

c) Assisted placements

d) Guaranteed placement, subject to performance

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