Classroom Management Questionnaire

Good classroom management is good for creating a conducive learning environment. Classroom management is usually focused towards the teachers’ actions, and how these contributes towards helping the students willingly and freely participate in class discussions.  This involves asking questions, attending to students and dealing with misbehavior.

Sample classroom management questionnaire

Answer ? Yes ? No

Do you have any well articulated rules or principles on how you expect students to behave while in class? __________________

Do you have guidelines on how transitions or interruptions will be handled while class is going on? _________________

Do students understand how you expect them to handle group work and assignments? _________________

Are students aware and knowledgeable about any equipment or materials they are expected to use in class? _____________________

Are the sitting positions of the students acceptable? ________________

Do you have any disciplinary strategies in place to reinforce good behavior or curb bad behavior? __________________

Do you move assertively and quickly to deal with any misbehavior in class?


Do you try to encourage students and instill confidence in them?  _____________________

Do you take into consideration the wishes of the students and their general well being?    ___________________________

Do you have different strategies to deal with different types of students that will address their individualized needs? _________________________

Do you have a specific technique that will help you to be aware of any potential problems in the classroom? ________________________

What do you do to ensure students are interactive in class? ________________

How do you divide your attention among all the students? ___________________

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