Church Survey Questionnaire

A church survey questionnaire is normally sent by a specific church to the communities residing in the church neighborhood. The objective of the questionnaire is to reach out to people and to understand their religious needs and the services they attend.

Church Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Respondent: __________________________________

Work Phone: ____________________  Email id:______________________

Gender:_________________  Age: _______________

Church affiliated with: _____________________

Q1. How long have you been attending the services of this Church?

a)   Less than 6 months

b)   6 months to 1 year

c)   1 to 2 years

d)   2 to 4 years

e)   4 to 6 years

f)    More than 6 years

Q2. Which of the following churches have you attended before?

a)   Anglican Catholic Church

b)   American Baptist Church

c)   Antiochian Orthodox Church

d)   Apostolic Catholic Church

e)   Brethren Church

f)    Christ Catholic Church

g)   Christian Reformed Church

h)   Church of the Nazarene

i)     Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church

Q3. How far is your house from the church?

a)   Less than 1 mile

b)   Between 1 and 3 miles

c)   Between 3 and 5 miles

d)   More than 5 miles

Q4. Did you attend a church service twice or more the previous month?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. How many names from the church congregation do you remember?

a)   Less than a quarter

b)   Less than a half

c)   Between a half and three-quarters

d)   More than three-quarters

Q6. Which of the following group meetings, or church services do you attend?

a)   Bell-ringing

b)   Prayer meeting

c)   Bible readings

d)   Sabbath

e)   Sermon or homily

f)    Choral music

g)   Baptism

h)   Confession

i)     Anointing of the Sick

j)    Marriage

k)   Psalms

l)     Profession of Faith



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