Choosing a Career Questionnaire

Choosing a career questionnaire is used to help a person choose a career of choice. The choosing a career questionnaire has questions that will ask for specific information on the career one is choosing. The results from the questionnaire guide an individual on a suitable career and the requirements in terms of qualifications and skills.  These are all matched from the contents of the choosing a career questionnaire. In making the right choice, one needs to be keen on the overall requirements of the career choice before attempting to take it up. A sample choosing a career questionnaire is below.

Sample Choosing a Career Questionnaire

Personal Abilities, interests and skills

1.What are your qualifications related to the career choice? ____________________________________________________________

2.What abilities do you possess as an individual? ____________________________________________________________

3.What skills do you have that will add value to the career choice? ____________________________________________________________

4.Do you enjoy working with people? _____________________________________________________________

Career Options

1.What career option would you like to take up? _____________________________________________________________

2.Is this option available and accessible? _____________________________________________________________

3.What specialty and requirements does it demand? ______________________________________________________________

4.Are you willing to take up the hours and shifts it may entail? ______________________________________________________________

5.Is the career option temporary or long term? ______________________________________________________________

6.Are you willing to start up as a volunteer and then seek for full time employment? ______________________________________________________________

Career goals

1.How does this career fit into your personal goals? ____________________________________________________________

2.Are there any attributes to this career option that may not merge with your values? ______________________________________________________________

3.What are your short-term and long-term goals that resonate with this career? ______________________________________________________________

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