Career Self Assessment Questionnaire

A career self assessment questionnaire is normally filled in mid-career stage where you can look back and take control of your career. The objective of a career self assessment questionnaire is to highlight how the career has progressed so far and what more is required. It helps a professional to find his/her weaknesses and strengths and also provides a clear path in terms of how they can effect career growth in the near future.

Sample Career Self Assessment Questionnaire:

Name of the Aspirant: _____________________________ Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________ State: __________________  Zip: ________________ Email: _____________________________ Phone Number: ____________________________ Occupation: _______________________________

  • How satisfied are you with your current career growth and financial standing?

a)      Extremely satisfied b)      Very satisfied c)      Satisfied d)     Neutral e)      Dissatisfied f)       Very Dissatisfied g)      Extremely Dissatisfied

  • Which of the following elements are missing in your current career?

a)      Independence b)      Work Challenges c)      Effective communication d)     Horizontal or lateral growth e)      Vertical growth f)       Work motivation g)      Financial stability h)      Goals and objectives i)        Creativity

  • Are you currently in a job that induces a feeling of accomplishment?

a)      Yes b)      No c)      Don’t know

  • Which of the following aspects exist in your current job?

a)      Activity b)      Team building c)      Brainstorming d)     Team Meets e)      Variety f)       Security g)      Healthy working conditions h)      Awards and recognition i)        Authority

  • Which of the following according to you is true?

a)      Current job provides personal and professional equilibrium b)      Current job role is stimulating c)      The future of my career is exciting d)     Job offers development of other skillsets e)      Can foresee increase in power and responsibility f)       Have been able to meet personal goals g)      Have been able to meet short-term professional goals

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