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Identifying a career path can be such a great challenge without proper guidance. Career questions questionnaire is a tool that assists individuals identify a career that suits their personality and their life’s dream in order to pursue the right career. Career questions questionnaire helps people do a self assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses and therefore maximize on their strengths to choose a suitable career that will match their personality. This will help an individual to identify their skills that are needed for the job, their preferences and their career objective. Below is a sample career questions questionnaire.

Sample Career Questions

Please fill out the following details depending on the question asked.

What is your area of interest in the job market? _________________

Are you a team player?


List down your strengths


Identify your weaknesses and write them down


State whether you would rather work with information or with people


Are you technologically savvy?


Kindly give your reasons for the feedback in the above question


State the skills that you possess that have helped you accomplish most your assignments


List down your interests or hobbies if your response in the above question is yes


State any leadership roles that you have undertaken in the past


What is your most important accomplishment to date?


Where do you want to be ten years from now?


State how well you are able to meet deadlines and targets


What kind of help do you need in order to pursue your career to the fullest potential?


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