Career Questionnaire Template

Career questionnaire template is a format of an evaluation tool by which an individual can choose the best and appropriate career. This helps them to gauge a person’s interest on a particular kind of career.

Sample Career Questionnaire Template:

Name: ______________________ [a candidate’s name]

Age: ______________________ [Age of the candidate]

Gender: Male / Female

Current Job position (If any) ___________________ [Mention the present job position of the candidate if there is any]

Tick the correct option suitable:

1. Do you think you are on the right path of your career you wish to take?[ This question helps to know that whether an individual is going on the right path]

a. Yes, definitely

b. I am happy with what I am doing.

c. No, not at all

2. Which stream interest you the most?[ This question helps to know the interested field of the candidate]

a. Science

b. Arts

c. Commerce

d. Not sure __________________

3. Presently, if you are doing a job then are you satisfy with it? [ This question helps to know the present satisfaction level in a job]

a. Certainly, I like my job

b. Depends on the work

c. Bored

4. List all your talents. [ candidate should mention all his or her talents here]


5. Describe your educational qualification in brief. [Candidate must mention his or her complete educational qualifications till date.]


6. Describe what kind of work environment you would prefer to work at? [Candidates must mention his or her work environment preference]


7. What are your weaknesses in the path of your career?


8. If you do not get the fist priority of your career, what would be your second priority? [ Candidate must mention two of his or her career priorities accordingly]


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