Career Questionnaire Format

A career questionnaire format is a document which lays down the design in which these types of questionnaires are created. A career questionnaire consists of questions that are targeted at an undergrad student or even a high school student. The objective these questionnaires is to find out what interests or hobbies a student has, what he/she thinks about their future, the various study based interest they have etc. These will help career counselors in deriving the core interest area and how the students can develop these areas and pursue as a career.

Sample Career Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the student]

Address: __________________________ [Home Address of the student]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the student (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the student]

Class/Grade: ____________________ [Class/grade of the student]

School/College: _____________________________ [Name of the School/College]

Email: ______________________________ [Email Address of the participant]

First Question: [The First Question should contain questions pertaining to the students current involvement in various hobbies, interests, social groups etc. These questions can be framed in the form of multiple choice options, so that a student can mark more than one interest or hobby.]

Second Question: [The second Question should highlight the student’s participation in various projects. The projects can vary from a school science project to a competitive event like quiz. Questions like: which of the following events or competitions have you participated in recently or what type of projects you have been working on last summer would be appropriate.]

Third Question: [The third category of questions should try to bring out the comfort zone of the student. Questions like what are you most comfortable with and multiple choices like computers, television, adventure, sports etc will help counselors in determining the psyche of the student and what future roles they can fit into.]

Fourth Question: [The fourth category of questions should focus on finding out the inherent nature and attributes of the student. Questions should make the student think if they are extrovert or introvert, whether they are creative or intellectual, what they think about their personality like smart, good looking etc.]

Other questions: [Depending upon the requirements, other questions can be created]

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