Career Interest Questionnaire

Career interest questionnaire helps one in identifying what career interests them and whether they are prepared for it. A career interest questionnaire helps one in finding out what career would be right for you based on you interests and this is drawn from conclusions made from the answers given to the questions given in a career interest questionnaire. It is important that one pursues the career of their interest. Pursuing your career of interest is good for you as a person because one is an efficient worker when they do what interests them. Below is an example of one career interest questionnaire:

First name                        Middle name                   Last name

______________           _______________            _____________


Below 18 __

18-24    ____

24-35 _____

35-45   _____

45-65 _____

Above 65 ____

Education level

High school graduate   __________

Graduate   ________

Post graduate ______

Other    ______

Which of the following areas do you find most enjoyable?

  1. iv.      Sciences  _____
  2. v.      Arts     _____
  3. vi.      Not sure _____

I prefer to work

i) With things

ii) With people

iii) With information

What is your ideal working environment? (You can tick more than one answer)

  1. i.      Organized, calm and serene
  2. ii.      Work best in chaos
  3. iii.      Outdoors
  4. iv.      Alone
  5. v.      Interesting people
  6. vi.      In a lab preferably

Where would you love to work?

  1. i.      With the government
  2. ii.      With the private sector
  3. iii.      In self employment

How would you describe yourself?

  1. viii.      Outgoing  _____
  2. ix.      Creative   _____
  3. x.      Analytical  ____
  4. xi.      Shy     _____
  5. xii.      Reserved   _____
  6. xiii.      Organized _____

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  1. vivek says:

    good one…..but can be even more helpful with given answers

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