Career Guide Questionnaire

A career guide questionnaire is a useful tool to know which areas a person is interested in to follow it as a career. By going through the person’s responses, one comes to know what are his skills and goals and accordingly a career counsellor can give him a list of choices which take into account his strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Career Guide Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Age: __________

Gender: ___________

1)   Please share with us if you have any career goal in mind.

2)   What subjects interest you the most right now and where you score well?

a)   Literature

b)   Art

c)   Sports

d)   Math

e)   Social studies

f)    Science

3)   Which is your favourite subject and why do you like it the most?

4)   What do you think is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

5)   When you choose a career, what is the most important thing you want from your job?

6)   Do you participate in any extra-curricular activities? If yes, please describe them.

7)   Choose the activities that bring out your personality.

a)   Arts

b)   Environment-related work

c)   Any sports activities

d)   Solving technical problems

e)   Calculations, keeping records

8)   Which of the following skills do you possess?

a)   Organised

b)   Good with numbers

c)   Artistic

d)   Athletic

e)   Detail-oriented

f)    Visualisation skills

9)   What is your favourite book and how does it inspire you?

10)               Who are your role models in life and why?

11)               Have you gone through any names of colleges and universities where you would like to study?

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