Career Counseling Questionnaire

Career counseling questionnaire is written to help a person understand the current and future career choices they can make. The career counseling questionnaire is intended to guide one through a difficult career and help to focus on the positive aspect while looking for solutions to making it better. Changing careers may be an option but the underlying career faults are identified to make a better decision. The career counseling questionnaire is used to generally help individuals make better decisions by using the previous career’s mishaps to make a better career choice which will be more satisfying. A sample Counseling Questionnaire is below.

Sample Career Counseling Questionnaire

Personal Interests, skills and values

1.Do you enjoy your current career choice? ___________________________________________________________

2.Does working within your career choice bring out anything special in you? ___________________________________________________________

3.What special interests draw you to your career choice? _________________________________________________________

4.Would you change your career for one that accommodates your personal values and goals? (given an example) ______________________________________________________________

Career Options

1.What is your current career? ______________________________________________________________

2.What don’t you like about your current career? ______________________________________________________________

3.What can you change in your current career? ______________________________________________________________

4.What career would you like to change to? ______________________________________________________________

5.In your new career option, what are the choices you have put together? ______________________________________________________________

Career Action

1.What steps of action are you willing to take in your career? ______________________________________________________________

2.What career choice would you feel best to take up next? ______________________________________________________________

3.(i) Are there underlying unresolved issues that may be transferred to the new career choice? ____________________________________________________________

(ii) What actions will you take in ensuring this does not happen? _____________________________________________________________

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