Business Valuation Questionnaire

Business valuation questionnaire is filled by the owner of a business as this information is required by individuals or organizations who are interested in buying that business. Business valuation is a process and a report is generated during the process detailing local, regional, and national economic conditions and their impact on the business being valued

Business Valuation Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Business / Company ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________ City: _________________________

State: ___________________  Zip: _________________Telephone: ____________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Name of the contact person: ____________________________________________________

Reason for valuation: __________________________________________________________

Type of business/corporation: ___________________________________________________

Percentage interest that needs to be valued: _________________________

Founder of business: ______________________________Date of inception: ____//____//________

Q1. What is the financials of the business in 2010-2011?

a)   Profit and Loss in last 5 years: _____________________________________

b)   Current year estimate: _____________________________________

c)   Budget projection: _____________________________________

d)   Business result of last 5 years: _____________________________________

(Please attach necessary documents including balance sheet to support the above)

Q2. What is the nature of operation of business?

a)   Description of the business: _____________________________________

b)   Market share: _____________________________________

c)   Growth and Development: _____________________________________

d)   Research and Development: _____________________________________

(Please attach necessary documents to support the above)

Q3. Who are the top 5 customers of the organization?

a)   Customer#1: _____________________________________

b)   Customer#2: _____________________________________

c)   Customer#3: _____________________________________

d)   Customer#4: _____________________________________

e)   Customer#5: _____________________________________

Q4. Who are the top 5 competitors of the organization?

a)   Competitor#1: _____________________________________

b)   Competitor #2: _____________________________________

c)   Competitor #3: _____________________________________

d)   Competitor #4: _____________________________________

e)   Competitor #5: _____________________________________

Q5. What percentage of total sales is generated by the following?

a)   Sales Force: __________________

b)   Sales representatives (Individually): ________________

c)   Distributors: __________________

d)   Retailers: ____________________

e)   Others (Please specify): _____________________________________

Q6. What products of services are being offered by the company?

a)   Product/Service #1: __________________

b)   Product/Service #2: ________________

c)   Product/Service #3: __________________

d)   Product/Service #4: ____________________

e)   Others (Please specify): _____________________________________

Q7. What is the employee strength of the company?

a)   Full time employees: __________________

b)   Part-time employees: ________________

c)   Higher management executives: __________________

d)   Middle management executives: ____________________

e)   Blue collar employees: _____________________________________

Q8. What is the future projection of the company in terms of market growth, sales, customers, acquisition, spin-offs, and overheads?


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