Business Strategy Survey Questionnaire

A business strategy survey questionnaire is one that is obtained in order to make an evaluation of the business strategies that are being used by the company. This questionnaire is most useful for organizations that help in proper assessment of the business strategies including the composition of management who are decision makers. Therefore this questionnaire is enlightening for businesses in improving their functioning and helps channelize work flow as well.

Sample Business strategy survey questionnaire

Name of the organization ________________________________

Address of the organization ________________________________

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Email address of organization ________________________________

1. What is prime mission statement of your organization?



2. Please specify the persons who are in charge of decision making for key business strategies in your organization?



3. How many business heads does your organization have?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4


4. Please specify the most vital business strategies that your organization lays more emphasis on from among the following strategies?

a. Improve profitability

b. Better sales and visibility of the company

c. Improve market position to beta competition

d. Attain top most customer service recognition


5. What are the challenges faced by your organization in terms of implementation of various business strategies?

a. Stiff competition

b. Legal issues

c. Lack of skilled and dedicated employees

d. Lack of proper leadership


6. Is your organization planning to expand business from its present status of operation?

a. Yes

b. No


7. Please specify the plus points of your organization which promote better implementation of business strategies?

a. Better growth prospects due to global demand

b. Excellent management and leadership inputs

c. Least competition in the market

d. Decreased expenses and costs


8. Does your organization rely on appropriate risk management techniques when using business strategies?

a. Yes

b. No


9. What are the future business strategies being formulated by your organization?


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