Business Strategy Questionnaire

The purpose of a business strategy questionnaire is to get answer to various company related issues so that a proper business strategy can be formed for the benefit of the company. This kind of questionnaire helps a company to form new strategies for improving their overall business and emphasize on client satisfaction.

Sample Business Strategy Questionnaire

Name of Company / Organization: ______________________________________________

Established in: _____________ Today’s Date: __________________________

Please answer the following questions:

1. How would you describe the company in 1 – 2 lines? _____________________________________________________________________

2. According to you, where do we stand financially? _____________________________________________________________________

3. Write in details since last 5years how much financial improvement of the company you have seen?


4. How do you imagine this company after five years from now? _____________________________________________________________________

5. What is the best way to utilize your resources to gain an edge over your competitors? _____________________________________________________________________

6. In this business, who are the stakeholders? _____________________________________________________________________

7. Write in brief about how the business arrived at its present form. _____________________________________________________________________

8. State the core and adjunct activities of the businesses. _____________________________________________________________________

9. What are the target audience group of your business? _____________________________________________________________________

10. What were the mistakes made in the past of this business? _____________________________________________________________________

11. Who is primarily responsible for the financial management? _____________________________________________________________________

12. Who looks after the Information Technology department? _____________________________________________________________________

13. Who is responsible for the marketing of the business? _____________________________________________________________________

14. Are you satisfied with the technical services of the company?


15. Amongst the non- managerial staff, who are the key members? _____________________________________________________________________

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