Business Self Assessment Questionnaire

A business self assessment questionnaire is an important official document that helps assess a particular business without the intervention of third parties or agencies for evaluation. The self assessment process is a very effective one for it enables one to cross-check on own strengths and weaknesses, and for business ventures it has a high success rate.

The business self assessment method helps judge the business from other perspectives, without having to share information with others. Hence, the questionnaire needs to be framed accordingly that helps the business and its proprietors judge the current status of the enterprise as well as sketch future plans.

Business Self Assessment Questionnaire Sample

______________________________ [name]

_________________________________________________ [address]

_________________________ [contact details]

[Business Letterhead]


Established since: __ __ __ __ – __________ – __ __

[y][y][y][y]      [month]        [d][d]

Q1: How do you think the business has evolved over the years?

  • Excellently
  • Quite good
  • Satisfactorily
  • Very poorly

Describe why do you think so?  ____________________________________________

Q2: What is the status of the projects being handled now?


Q3: How would you describe the financial status of the business?

  • Outstandingly profitable
  • Manageable
  • Needs improvement

____________________________________ [details]

Q4: How would you rate the top decision maker on a scale of 5? [5 – Commendable; 4 – very good; 3 – good; 2 – fair enough; 1 – poor and needs to be replaced soon]


Any suggestions: _______________________________

Q5: How would you describe the various units of the business, on the basis of the given options?

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Needs to improve
  4. Very poor
  5. No idea

[For each of the following units, mention a, b, c, d, or e, as per your judgment]

  • Management: _____
  • Production: _____
  • Promotion and sales: _____
  • Marketing: _____
  • Customer interaction and client satisfaction: _____
  • Employee satisfaction [HR]: ______

Q6: Does the business comply to the government standards?

  • Yes
  • No

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