Business Risk Management Questionnaire

A business risk management questionnaire is one that helps business persons to identify and manage potential business risks. The questionnaire is one of the best methods to assess important data related to the business that will be relevant for future growth and sustenance of the business. It also helps to recognize the growing needs of the business to keep it prepared for all adverse business situations that may arise at some point of time for the business.

Sample Business Risk Management Questionnaire

Name of the company

Registration number of the company

Type of business of the company

Contact information of the company

Address of the company

1.  What do you think are the various kinds of risks that are faced by your company right now from the list given below?

a)  Rising inflation and associated high price of the product

b)  Adverse competition

c)  Lower demand in the market

d)  Not too many customers for the product

2.  Are there any financial risks associated with your company?

a)  External borrowing

b)  Non availability of bank funds for working capital

c)  Low profitability due to high maintenance costs

d)  No fixed assets in  the company

3.  Does your company have any competitive disadvantage when company to other companies in the market in terms of following factors?

a)  Distance to supply point

b)  No good channel partners

c)  High commissions to agents

d)  Low brand name

4.  What do you think are the biggest challenges that your company might face in future?

a)  High cost of production

b)  Company bankruptcy

c)  Increase in overhead costs

d)  Less chances for increase in market for the product

5.  What are the factors that contribute the maximum to the negative performance of the company?

a)  Employees

b)  Financial position

c)  Production stoppage due to various factors

d)  Non availability of raw materials

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