Business Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The main aim of a business risk assessment questionnaire is to identify what are the potential risks involved for a new business. This type of risk assessment helps entrepreneurs and businessmen to document important data and information related to current market for the business and help in strategizing a business plan. The information also collected helps entrepreneurs in identifying the various requirements of the business, the competition, the various options for revenue generation and current and future risks. Here is a sample of the business risk assessment questionnaire.

Business Risk Assessment Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Business ________________________________________________

Registration Date of the Business: ______________________________________

Physical Address ________________________________________________

City: ___________  State: ___________   Zip: ___________

Office Phone: ___________  Fax: ___________

Type of Business ________________________________________________

Business Market ________________________________________________

Q1. What are the primary risks that your business faces in the market or industry?

a)   Competitors

b)   Less target audience

c)   Less demand for product / service

Q2. What are the financial risks that your business faces?

a)   Huge capital investment

b)   Not enough fixed assets

c)   No bank loan options available

d)   Lower ROI

Q3. Rate the potential financial losses that your business might incur due to any of the following in the first year:

a)   Competitive disadvantage:  High / Medium / Low

b)   Human Error:  High / Medium / Low

c)   Bad marketing strategy:  High / Medium / Low

d)   Operational disruption:  High / Medium / Low

Q4. Which fixed assets does the business have in place?

a)   Physical Infrastructure

b)   IT Infrastructure

c)   Employees

d)   Initial Capital

Q5. What are the potential risks that may arise in near future?

a)   Employee retrenchment

b)   Financial Loss

c)   Increase in competition

d)   Increase in overheads



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