Business Retirement Plan Questionnaire

A business retirement plan questionnaire is one that is offered by an organization to its employees as an incentive for their loyalty towards the organization. The questionnaire aims to seek information about the employees in the organization along with their personal retirement goals. It also helps to identify the contribution that is required by the business owner and the employees so as to attain the ultimate retirement goals.

Sample Business Retirement Plan Questionnaire

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Contact details of the business organization :

Contact person in the business organization :

Designation of contact person in the business organization :

1.  Can you please tell us the kind of retirement plan you are planning to take for your employees?


2.  What is the employee strength in your organization?


3.  Can you please specify the average age group of your employees in your organization according to the groups provided below?

a)  22-30 years

b)  31-35 years

c)  36-42 years

d)  42 years and above



4.  Do you think planning for retirement for employees is a great way to provide incentive for their long term association with the company?


5.  What is the percentage of contribution you are willing to make towards the business retirement plan for your employees?


6.  For how many employees are you going to take the retirement plan for?


7.  Are you looking for any concession on the business retirement plan that you wish to obtain?


8.  What is the average basic salary of the employees in your organization?


9.  What is the retirement age for the employees in your organization?


10.  Can you provide the details of male female ratio of employees in your organization?


11.  How many persons in your organization have availed critical medical expenses from you in the past three financial years?


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